Why Luci Assistant?

The easiest way to make and manage appointments.


Find new practitioners based on your personal preference. Search by location, category and much more.


Make, change or cancel any appointment at the click of a button. Manage your appointments and practitioners realtime.


Simplified communication by sharing notes, documents and personal information with your practitioners.

Everything in your reach

One generic platform that does all the work for you.

You will never have to use multiple apps to manage your appointments ever again. Start saving time by using Luci Assistant.


Tired of having to call your hairdresser or dentist everytime you want to make, change or cancel an appointment? We got you covered. Find your practitioner and make an appointment at any given time at the click of a button.

Having to organize all documents shared with you can be a burden. Luci Assistant stores and organizes all these documents so you never lose them again.

Moved to a new city or want to find a new hairdresser? Find all available practitioners near you through the explore feature.

Never forget your appointments again. Luci assistant will remind you about your appointment by mail, sms or notifications.

Trying to decide whether you should switch dentists? Read what other customers have said or share your own experience.